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Spitsbergen Expeditions
Explore the wilderness of Spitsbergen and Bear Island


Spitsbergen (or Svalbard in Norwegian) is the name of an group of islands that is located only 1500 km away from the North Pole. You have to cross the Barents Sea to reach it and half way there is a relative small island called Bjornoya (or the English name Bear Island). In July 2018 we will organize two sailing expeditions to the Svalbard Archipelago and explore the Arctic wilderness with glaciers and steep mountains. It is an great adventure to enter the world of whales, walruses, polar bears and a lot of different birds. On these expeditions we will use our dinghy or kayaks to go ashore and make hikes. We recommend that you join one of our Arctic Sailing Courses to prepare yourself. It is about 2-3 days sailing to Bear Island (24/24 hrs) and 2 days from there to the south corner of Spitsbergen.





Upcoming Spitsbergen and Bear Island Expeditions

Here we give you an overview of the expeditions that will start in the coming months. Check the details of each expedition to learn more about our plans, routes and objectives. Check our FAQ [...] for general questions. Expedition can be tailored to your wishes and specific objectives. Contact us [...] if you have special wishes and inquire for more options or alternative dates. Alternative dates can possibly be arranged if you intend to make a reservation for 2 or more people.


Reference Expedition name Starting at Ending at Days Details
SVALBARD1 Bear Island and Spitsbergen Expedition (Northbound) 25 June 2018 10 July 2018 16 days
SVALBARD2 Spitsbergen & Bear Island Expedition (Southbound) 13 July 2018 28 July 2018 16 days