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Arctic Sailing Courses
Upgrade your skills in challenging sea areas


In the coming period we organize Arctic Sailing Courses in awesome surroundings in northern Norway.  The coast line and fjords in this area are challenging and very interesting. In these courses we focus on theory and practice of sailing north of the Arctic Circle. This is a practical 3-day-course in which we teach you sailing skills, all kind of maneuvers, emergency procedures and problem solving. Also you will learn a lot of theory about things like: navigation in Arctic sea areas, weather forecasts, reading ice charts, planning and much more. These courses are both valuable for people without sailing experience and people who have sailed before. The courses are also a perfect preparation if you like to join our sailing expeditions along the Norwegian coast and to destinations like Spitsbergen, Bear Island and the North Cape. You will stay 5 days with us, so you have some time left to explore the great nature of northern Norway.




Upcoming Arctic Sailing Courses

Here we give you an overview of the Arctic Sailing Courses  that will start in the coming months. Check the details to learn more about our plans, routes and objectives. Check our FAQ [...] for general questions. Contact us if you have special wishes and inquire for more options or alternative dates. You will stay 5 days with us, the course takes 3 days.


Reference Course Starting at Ending at Days Details
ARCTIC4 Arctic Sailing Course April 2017 6 April 2017 10 April 2017 5 days
ARCTIC5 Arctic Sailing Course May 2017 May 2017 May 2017 5 days Soon !


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