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Booking form



Step 1
Select an expedition

Select an expedition that suits your wishes, ambitions and dreams.  If you have questions about which expedition to join, please contact us and ask for advice.  If you want to join more than one expedition let us contact us so we can inform you about a discount on the costs of participation.  


Step 2
Read our General Terms

Read our general terms closely. It is available here  [...] It tells you all about the process of booking, payments, insurances, cancellation, the way we will communicate with you after your booking and much more. Contact us if you have questions or if you do not understand all.


Step 3
Fill in the booking form on this page

Fill in the booking form on this page to make an reservation. You can book for a group of max 4 to 6 people on each expedition.  If you want to join as a Pro Crew Member write it down on the booking form. Check details here [...] Press the sent button when you are finished and your reservation is on our way to us.


Step 4.
Confirmation and contact

You will receive an email message that we have received your reservation within several minutes. If you don't receive a message from us, please contact us (maybe a spam filter caused troubles). We inform you within 24 hours by email about the availability of the expedition you have chosen. We will also contact you within several days by phone / FaceTime or Skype and check if your wishes and expectations match with the expedition you have chosen. Also you can ask us questions you might have. If we think you made the right choice your place in the expedition team is a fact. You receive a conformation of participation by email. Also you receive an invoice of 25 % of the costs of participation (or 100% if you book within 10 weeks before departure). You have to pay this invoice within 10 days or prior to departure if you book less than 10 days before the expedition starts. You will also get the packing list so you can start preparing. Also we sent you a link to our digital library with useful and interesting documents. 10 weeks before the start of the expedition you receive the invoice for 75% of the cost of participation. You have to pay this invoice within 10 days. A few days before departure you receive an email (briefing) with the latest news, information about your transfer to the harbor and the location of the ship or other accommodation if you booked an onshore expedition. If you book also for other people, you will receive the invoice for the total of all participants.  



Okay here is the booking form
The adventure starts...