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Observing the Northern Lights in Arctic Norway
Join our expedition team and explore wild nature!


Welcome to our adventurous world

DUTCHEXPLORERS organize expeditions that are a mix of a variety outdoor activities like hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, kayaking, observing wildlife, diving, sailing and much more. It is all happening in northern Norway and on most expeditions during autumn and winter time we succeed to spot the northern lights. Our expeditions are intended for nature minded people that like outdoor sports, wildlife and exploring off the beaten track. There are tough expeditions, but also expeditions for beginners or people who like to take it easy. We like to explore areas which are remote and where not much tourists come. We travel with small groups with a 4x4, an expedition vessel and on some expeditions with a sailing boat. You sleep in one of our ships, a wood stove heated tipi, mountain cabins or if you like a snow hole or a self build shelter.




Observing the northern lights

The northern lights (Aurora Borealis) are a great phenomenon that can be observed in the evenings and at nighttime, but only in the period September to April. In every expedition that we organize in this period the northern lights can be seen, but we have to be lucky with the weather. We need a clear sky, because clouds block the view. That is the most important thing. The second one is solar activity and there are days that there is more activity than the other. The more activity the stronger the lights. There are Apps for your phone that forecast solar activity and the chances to see the northern lights. Note that the northern lights appear and disappear. We never know the duration. It can be 10 minutes and it can also last hours. We do not know when it starts. So, we have to check outside frequently and set for instance an alarm at nighttime to check regularly.  On most of our expeditions we see the northern lights, but there is no guarantee. The lights in northern Norway are mostly green, sometimes with white and red light mixed. There is not a best place to observe the northern lights, but in an area with a lot of city lights it is less visible. If there are northern lights we often take you to a remote hill or beach where we can have an almost 360 degrees view. If you like to make good pictures then you need to bring a camera and  a tripod. Make sure that you know how to set your exposure time and ISO on your camera. You can practice at home. Remember that a lot of pictures that you see of the northern lights are over exposed. So the lights look stronger on the picture than in reality. Choose a month below and take a look at the different expeditions in that month!





Adventurous travelling and exploring in expedition style

People that are joining our expeditions or our Arctic wilderness camps (outdoor, bushcraft and survival) want to do something special and off-the-beaten-track. They are attracted to a basic way of travelling and exploring with a focus on wild nature and wildlife. We offer unique expeditions, full of adventure to hardly visited places and we travel with small groups. Most of the people that are joining is between 20 and 60 from both genders. We do not mind your age as long as you have a flexible mindset, love outdoor sports and are attracted to a basecamp atmosphere. There are expeditions on different levels of experience and physical condition. For a lot of people that join us it is the first step in getting experience in outdoor life and outdoor sports. We like it when we have an international team on our expeditions. Our big inspiration is the French explorer Jacques Cousteau. You may recognize his influence in the way we do things and in the atmosphere during your stay. Ask us if you have any questions!




Bucket list

We  think that you are able to make a good choice out of the expeditions listed in our expedition program. But here are some suggestions of of expeditions that could be on your bucket list. Ask us if you need help with choosing an expedition that suits your interested , level of experience or certain activities.









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