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Cross-country skiing, alpine skiing and ski touring expeditions
Explore mountains that raise out of the sea


These expeditions offer quite a lot of adventure and challenges. We will sail in March and April in Northern Norway along the Lofoten coastline. This is a great opportunity to experience the Lofoten islands and mountains in winter time. Be ready for stunning views of snow capped mountains rising out of the sea. There is a good chance to see the northern lights and there a lot of ways to explore nature in this part of northern Norway.  This area offers possibilities for alpine skiing, tour skiing and cross country skiing. If you are in for ski touring, you can hike up the mountains with your gear and ski down to sea level. Skiing with dramatic views of the sea, fjords and islands. Check the details and get dressed.




Upcoming skiing expeditions

Here we give you an overview of the expeditions that will start in the coming months. Check the details of each expedition to learn more about our plans, routes and objectives. Check our FAQ [...] for general questions. Expedition can be tailored to your wishes and specific objectives. Contact us [...] if you have special wishes and inquire for more options or alternative dates. Alternative dates can possibly be arranged if you intend to make a reservation for 2 or more people.


Reference Expedition name Starting at Ending at Days Details
SKI1 Tour skiing expedition Steigen March 2017 March 2017 8 days On demand
SKI2 Tour skiing expedition Steigen April 2017 April 2017 8 days On demand




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