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Welcome to the adventurous world of DUTCHEXPLORERS.COM. We are an expedition company from the Netherlands that organize expeditions to remote, pristine and challenging places around the globe. Our expeditions are in the style of the famous French explorer Jacques Cousteau and during your stay with us, you will experience a basecamp atmosphere. Our expeditions are intended for outdoor and nature people that do not want to do the tourist stuff. You can join our expeditions year round. We organize a variety of expeditions from land based expeditions in which we travel to national parks to sailing expeditions in which we explore remote destinations like Spitsbergen. We tailor expeditions to the interests of the participants. So if you are a diver, a wildlife enthusiast, a researcher or a photographer, we will take care that there will be enough opportunities to do your thing. There are also expeditions in which we focus on certain disciplines for example our bird watching expeditions or the expeditions where we search for whales. If you are interested in learn to live in nature then the bushcraft and outdoor expeditions might be something for you. There are a lot of expeditions in which we use a variety of ways to reach areas or gain our expeditions goals. In most our expeditions we hike, use our kayaks, take our 4x4 Land Rover or use our expedition ship to reach remote destinations.  Take a look at our upcoming expeditions. If you want to know more about what drives us and what our passions are then check the About Us page [...]

Our bucket list (upcoming expeditions)

We got interesting, challenging and exciting expeditions on different levels coming up in the next months. It is all happening in the north of Norway. Below you find our bucket list for the coming months, but check also the complete program [...] to get the whole picture.  Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to join.











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